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The Pamplemousses Garden is located in the north of Mauritius between Port-Louis and Grand-Bay. This park offers a fine collection of rare native plants, several palm species, giant water lilies and also animals and exotic birds. You will also discover decorative trees such as flamboyant, vacoas, orchids, laurels from the West Indies, bougainvillea, bamboos and banyans and the lotus pond where you can admire the white and yellow flowers. This garden is a great treasure and has daily hundreds of foreign and Mauritian visitors. The visit lasts no more than two hours for those who want to enjoy the park’s wealth. If you need more information on species present, do not hesitate to use a guide to visit this beautiful garden while respecting its history.

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Situated in the north of the island, l’Aventure du Sucre is less than a kilometer from the Pamplemousses Garden. It is an essential place to visit for tourists and Mauritians who want to discover the history and culture of Mauritius. L’Aventure du Sucre is a former sugar factory turned into a museum that tells the history of Mauritius and its sugar cane through its culture, its economy and its traditions. Let yourself be seduced by the Boutique’s souvenirs and also taste the different sugars and local rums. After the visit, you can have a lunch break at the Fangourin restaurant, a refined cuisine that is made up of the flavors of the island.


You will discover the magnificent Verger de Labourdonnais in Mapou not far from Grand Bay and Pamplemousses. This orchard is located in the compound of Château de Labourdonnais and offers a wide variety of tropical fruit trees such as the mangoes, guavas, papayas, avocadoes, citrus, lychees and pineapples. Taste and buy jams and freshly squeezed juices from fruit grown in the orchard at La Corbeille, a small grocery store where you can buy jams, fruit pastes, chillies, honey and more. Next to La Corbeille you will find La Terrasse du Domaine where paninis, quiches, salads, daily specials, desserts, coffee and fruit juice are served.

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Pointe du Diable, also known as Pointe Canon, is located along the coastal road in the south-east of Mauritius at Vieux Grand Port near Mahebourg village. These guns were implemented during the famous naval battle of the Vieux Grand Port in August 1810. Today, Pointe du Diable is a historical perspective and also an ideal place to admire the exceptional view of the bay of Vieux Grand Port. The stone walls still exist and traces of the great naval battle of Vieux Grand Port are still visible.


Discover the Historical and Naval Museum of Mahebourg which tells the story of the bloody battle of Vieux Grand Port at the beginning of the 19th century. The Naval Museum of Mahébourg is located in the city that owes its name to the governor Mahé de La Bourdonnais. It is an old colonial house made of carved stones and with good timber of the era. This museum features a collection of preserved objects of the time and mostly props that were used in the historical battle. Ancient animal bones, pipes, weapons and porcelain dishes are also preserved at the Naval Museum of Mahebourg. Other key events of the museum: a bell found on the wreck of the famous ship Le Saint-Géran. You will notice however that some objects have not been well preserved, such as the former wagon of the governor left abandoned at the back of the house and many others ... The visit of the museum is totally free and a visit is required!

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You will find the Frederik Hendrik Museum (formerly Fort Frederik Hendrik) at a few kilometers from the Guns of Pointe du Diable. The Fort has been converted into a museum in May 1999 and is located on a site which covers the visible remnants of a prison, a forging mill, a bakery and a Government building. This historic site is considered as a landmark where we go back over the life of the first inhabitants of Mauritius, the Dutch. The large garden welcomes everyone to discover the remnants of the past. The museum includes a room with exhibits such as delicate pieces of terracotta pipes, semi-precious stones, pearls, copper ornaments, silver, copper or bone buttons, cannonballs and iron locks that were found on the site during archaeological excavations.


Casela World of Adventures, located on the south-west of the island, is a true adventure and wild nature park. The park tour includes the toboggan, the walk through the aviary, the photo safari in a safari vehicle where you will see zebras, ostriches, antelopes, rhinos, impalas and many more. The visit also includes felines, giraffes and camels viewing, a playground for children, a mini-farm and a 4D cinema where you will discover the history of Mauritius.

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L’Ile aux Cerfs is a small uninhabited paradise island situated on the east coast. This island is on one of the most beautiful beaches of the Indian Ocean. There are different ways to access Ile aux Cerfs; opt for a fast boat trip, catamaran or simply traditional pirogue. The island has an amazing view of the mountains and the sea and you can relax on its beautiful beaches in the shade of palm trees and also participate in many water and land activities. If you are a golf lover, enjoy one of the most famous golf courses in the world, the Touessrok Golf Course. The island has three well-known restaurants with different styles of cuisine such as Indian, Asian, Italian and Mauritian cuisine and also 2 bars that offer a wide selection of drinks and cocktails. Visit also some souvenir shops that are found on the island; you will find pareos, bathing suits, bath towels and lots of small souvenirs. Ile aux Cerfs is the ideal place for tourists and Mauritians who wish to spend memorable experiences with family or friends.


Eureka House is a Creole house built in 1830 and is set up near the Moka River in the center of the island. If you want to understand the lifestyle of Mauritians of the colonial era, visit the house and its beautiful gardens.

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The Rochester Falls, located in the south of the island, is a unique place to visit and launches in full nature up to more than 10 meters high. It is famous for its attractive cliffs and triangular rocks.


Discover nearby, the Grand River South-East Waterfalls, a remarkable place where fauna and flora are plentiful. This region is renowned for its wild beauty and attracts thousands of Mauritians and tourists every year. It is a place that deserves to be visited!

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The Rivière des Galets Beach is positioned between Bel Ombre and Saint Félix. It is the only beach that is not bordered with white sand. It is considered a tourist attraction, ideal for relaxing. The beach offers a magnificent view to all visitors who go there for a romantic photo or admiring the big waves crashing on the shore. Surrounded by a variety of pebbles, this beach is the attraction of this place and offers an unusual setting compared to the other beaches of the island. This spectacular place deserves to be discovered!


Gris-Gris beach is just a few kilometers from the village of Souillac. It offers visitors an absolutely stunning sight from the top of its cliffs and it is a popular place for its wild beauty. This part of the island does not have a coral reef and the waves are very strong, so swimming is forbidden. While walking along the beach, you will find a small garden perfect to relax or to rest while contemplating the beauty of the place. The most spectacular part of Gris-Gris is the famous “Roche qui Pleure” which is a real natural curiosity.

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Discover the Haras du Morne, located in the south-west of the island, at the foot of Le Morne mountain. An equestrian center that offers horse trekking and horse-riding courses. Enjoy a family horse ride on the most beautiful beach and on Le Morne mountain.