Terms & Conditions


Our Terms & Conditions

All cars have a fully comprehensive insurance cover. In case of an accident involving the rented car from us, you should first of all report to our hotline for assistance. Our personnel will advise you accordingly.

If you are at fault in the event of an accident, or in case of own damage accident an excess amount of Rs 25,000 shall be borne by you. In case you are not at fault and all formalities and procedures followed as instructed by our staff, no cost will be charged.

In the event of an accident and where the car is not road worthy or is not secure to be driven, a replacement car will be provided by us.

You can drive anywhere round the island, but it is your responsibility to take care of the car and to inform our office or hotline any abnormality in the car.

Free delivery and pick up of car round the island for rental of more than 5 days. Delivery or pickup at the airport is always free. A charge of 12 euro will be applicable for rental of less than 5 days.

We provide a free round the clock service throughout the island in case of breakdown, accident.

Once you confirm a booking with Car Rental us, the specified category car will be available at the specified date and time. In case of late pickups of the car, you will have to inform us on our hotline as soon as possible. Refunds will not be allowed in case of late pickup or early drop off. However a surcharge will be applicable for late drop off, which may be higher than the agreed rates at the time of your booking. For any extension, you need to send a request for extension 48 hours before by mail on info@mauritiuscarental.com for approval.

Upon drop off of rented car, you need to make sure that you have taken all your personal belongings, we will not be responsible for any items left in the car after drop off.

We reserve the right to cancel the rental booking car to any person who is considered unfit to drive or does not have the required documents to be provided for taking over the rental car. A reservation fee will be kept by us upon cancellation of rental contract.

We have a simple contract to be filled when taking over the rental car, where you need to make sure you verify the car together with our staff and notify any scratches on the contract form. You will need to provide the following

  • Driving license
  • Valid passport

Same policy will be applied upon drop off of rental car, our staff will verify the car in your presence and you will need to sign the discharge contract form where the agreement between us will be closed.

The renter need to return the car with the same level of fuel as delivered.

Our vehicles are categorized by size and ratings. All bookings will be confirmed by category. We are unable to guarantee a particular type, make, model or colour of car, however a request can be made by mail 48 hours before taking over car. Same will be considered and we will make our best to provide you with the preferred car, subject to availability.

If, at pickup time the booked car is not available for any unforeseen reasons, we shall substitute for a similar category or upgraded car with no extra cost.

If we are not able to provide either a same category car or upgraded category car, you will be offered a full refund. As such, we shall have no additional liability in the event of the changes you may incure.

The car will be delivered in perfect working order and in absolutely clean condition. Once the renter takes over the rental car, the whole responsibility of the car shall be borne by the renter and shall expressly prohibits himself/herself from abandoning the vehicle.

Normal mechanic wear and tear is Mauritius Car Rental responsibility; however any abnormality during the rental period shall be informed at once to our office or on the hotline to prevent any damage

In case of cyclone warning 1 & 2 you can drive cautiously, however, during cyclone warning class 3 and 4 you are not allowed to drive the car and the car should be parked in a safe place.

No refund on rental will be provided in natural calamity circumstances if the vehicle is in your responsibility.

We accept payment by credit cards and debit cards. Normal bank charges shall be applied on credit card transactions.

We can also provide you with a local sim card with internet facilities. You will need to provide the following documents for registration of the sim card.

  • Valid passport copy
  • Proof of address

You can send the documents by mail prior to your arrival and the sim card shall be ready to use upon taking over of rental car. Normal rates will be charged for the sim card service.